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Vårkonsert Audiorama Ars Acustica

Electronic music in 17.4-surround: the new and the hot names mixed with a.o. a first performance in Sweden by our nestor Trevor Wishart (GB). // Elektronisk musik i 17.4-surround: de senaste, hetaste namnen varvas med bl a Sverigepremiär för ett stycke av nestorn Trevor Wishart (GB).

Supernova (2011)

This piece uses the changing light spectra of Type 1a supernova explosions, converting these directly into sound. Supernova explosions are some of the most energetic events in the cosmos, often shining more brightly than entire galaxies and during these events the naturally occurring chemical elements above Iron in the periodic table are generated in the intense heat of the explosion. Without these processes, the chemistry of Life (as we know it) would not be possible. The light spectra of various emergent elements are used to generate the concluding part of the work. “Supernova” results from a research project at the University of Oxford, funded by the Leverhulme Trust, to investigate ways in which scientific research and data might be combined with musical composition to create new works. I am particularly indebted to Mark Sullivan of the Department of Astrophysics for providing me with the supernova data on which this piece is based.

Trevor Wishart (december 2012)

Längd: 50 minuter.
Biljetter: Ordinarie 120 kr, student 80 kr.
Gruppbokningar: kontakta Audiorama för biljettpris.

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