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Gisèle Vienne: Jerk, the radioplay

The controversial and groundbreaking piece Jerk by Gisèle Vienne with music by Pita.

Jerk is an imaginary reconstruction – strange, poetic, funny and somber – of the crimes perpetrated by American serial killer Dean Corll who, with the help of teenagers David Brooks and Wayne Henley, killed more than twenty boys in the state of Texas during the mid-70s.

This show tells of David Brooks serving his life sentence. In prison, he learns the art of puppets, which somehow enables him to face up to his responsibility as partner in the crimes. He has written a show that reconstructs the murders committed by Dean Corll, using puppets for all the roles. He performs his show in prison for a class of psychology students from a local university.

The radio play created from Jerk, a short story by Dennis Cooper, points out the schizophrenic aspect of the performance of the puppeteer by presenting the experience of the show from the puppeteer's inner perspective.

Jerk, the radioplay, with music by Peter Rehberg, will be presented by MDT in collaboration with Audiorama.

Gisèle Vienne was born in 1976, she is a franco-austrian artist, choreographer and director. After graduating in Philosophy, she studied at the puppeteering school Ecole Supérieure Nationale des Arts de la Marionnette. There she met Etienne Bideau-Rey with whom she created her first shows. She works regularly with, amongst other, the writers Dennis Cooper and Catherine Robbe-Grillet, the musicians Peter Rehberg (also known as Pita) and Stephen O’Malley, the light designer Patrick Riou and the actor Jonathan Capdevielle. Since 2004, she has choreographed and directed, in collaboration with the writer Dennis Cooper, I Apologize (2004) and Une belle enfant blonde / A young, beautiful blond girl (2005), Kindertotenlieder (2007), the play Jerk (2008), This is how you will disappear (2010) and LAST SPRING: A Prequel (2011). Since 2005, she has been frequently exhibiting her photographs and installations. Her next piece, The Ventriloquy Convention, will be premiered at Puppentheater, Halle, in July 2015.

Direction: Gisèle Vienne. Text: Dennis Cooper. Original music: Peter Rehberg. Recorded voices of Jonathan Capdevielle & Dennis Cooper.

Jerk, the radioplay was commissioned by Frank Smith, Philippe Langlois and Danièle Rivière for the publication of the audio-book JERK / Through Their Tears by Gisèle Vienne, Dennis Cooper, Peter Rehberg and Jonathan Capdevielle (publisher DISVOIR – serie:ZagZig / 2 editions, english and French). The original french version was commissioned by the Atelier de Création Radiophonique of France Culture, and broadcasted on June 17th 2007 by France Culture.

Föreställningen ges enbart på engelska. Rekommenderas ej för minderåriga.

Fredag 2015-02-27 kl 20:00  
ördag 2015-02-28 kl 17:00
Lördag 2015-02-28 kl 20:00 

Längd: 60 minuter
Biljetter: Ordinarie 90 kr

Biljetter köps via  Nortic. Biljetter kan vid mån om plats även köpas kontant i anslutning till föreställning på Audiorama hos MDT.

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