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Norbergfestival 2017: Inverted Volume of Sounds

  • Abrahamsgården 10 Fagerstavägen Norberg, Västmanlands län, 738 32 Sweden (map)

Inverted Volume of Sounds

Audiorama participates in this year's Norbergfestival with three works in an inverted 17.4 surround sound system at Abrahamsgården (map), Norberg, 27–29 July. // Audiorama medverkar på årets Norbergfestival med tre verk i en inverterad 17.4-rigg på Abrahamsgården (karta), 27–29 juli. 

As part of Norbergfestival’s residence at Abrahamsgården, a real estate in central Norberg with history from the 13th century, Material Fatigue presents an archival showcase together with Audiorama. As a listening venue for music, sound art and earplays in Stockholm, Audiorama holds a growing library of compositions and sound art. In this showcase, three artists with different relations to the thematics of Material Fatigue are presented, one festival day each.

All sound works are presented through a sculpture of speakers placed in the middle of the gallery room, filling the negative space with omni-directional sound. As such, the visitor becomes a part of the acoustic environment, both enabling and disturbing it with her movement within the space.

Thursday 27 July, 5–8pm: Folke Rabe, ”What??” (1967) 
Friday 28 July, 12–6pm: Patsy Lassbo, ”A map to get lost: Choir Rehearsal” (2017) 
Saturday 29 July, 12–6pm: Julia Giertz, ”Sound as Touch” (2016)

Free admission to Abrahamsgården – for festival programme and tickets, see and

Folke Rabe. ©Ingvar Loco Nordin

Folke Rabe. ©Ingvar Loco Nordin


Folke Rabe: What?? (1967)

On the first day of the festival (27/7), Folke Rabe present ”What??” from 1967. In this piece, Rabe put forth a an ”enharmonic melding” of the partials of harmonic sound. Thus, he points at the inner inner hierarchy of these, with which he produce illusions. ”Electronic devices have no muscles”, Rabe once stated, describing their characteristics as an enormous, tireless endurance. 


"A map to get lost."

"A map to get lost."


Patsy Lassbo:
A map to get lost: Choir Rehearsal (2017)

On the second day of the festival (28/7), Patrik Patsy Lassbo is presenting ”A map to get lost: Choir Rehearsal – Algorithms conducting a digital choir” (2017). This is a set of etudes from the development of one of the main musical concepts for the hypermedial theatre production "A map to get lost", a co-production between StDH and Backa teater. This choir rehearsal is one node in the project's growing network of theatre events. The materials used for the composition are: a freeware voice synthesis software, nice sounding words and phrases, algorithms and gregorian modes.


©Kahurangiariki Smith (CC BY 3.0)

©Kahurangiariki Smith (CC BY 3.0)


Julia Giertz: 
Sound as Touch (2016)

On the third day of the festival, Julia Giertz presents ”Sound as Touch” (2016). With sound as the current basis of her choreographic practice, Giertz is mapping bodily and structural responses to vibration. Facilitating sonified spaces where the body undergoes physical adaptation to frequency, geometry and force, this allows sound and vibrations to activate a perceptual disturbance where hearing and touch meet.

Sound as Touch premiered at Audiorama 2 December 2016 and was originally created for 21 speakers.

Material fatigue  
Art program | Norberg Festival 2017

Material Fatigue is an autonomous branch of the Norbergfestival 2017 programme: a set of actions and exhibited works curated by Frida Sandström (SE) and Aleksei Borisionok (BY). With a focus on interdisciplinary performance practices, Material Fatigue arches across and beyond the festival – day and night, on and off-site, in found rooms and on the stages. The start of the programme is marked on July 19 at Abrahamsgården in central Norberg, with the exhibited works of Susanna Jablonski. The installation is later accompanied in a set of sound interventions by Julia Giertz, Patrik Patsy Lassbo and Folke Rabe.

At the festival site, video works of Annika Eriksson, Kajsa Dahlberg and Oleksiy Radynski provide reflections on communal utopias, torn down by post-Fordist mechanisms. Next to Iris Smeds aka Vaska Fimpen‘s imploded imaginarium and Cara Tolmie’s looped identity of the diva, Stina Nyberg’s movement workshop enables a re-training of whatever a political agency might be. As Kasia Wolinska and Ashiq Khondker puts the very meeting of living bodies into practice, Dinis Machado questions the space of the very body itself as autonomous. Exhausting the materiality of the architecture, KP Transmission elasticises our sense of hearing, while Olia Sosnovskaya lectures on the affective moment of a celebration and it’s role as a collective and disruptive force in a contemporary political landscape. The artistic interventions will be accompanied by two set of artist talks on related topics.

Material Fatigue is part of the two year project The Glossary of the Event, supported by artistic research and development funding from the Royal Institute of Art.

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