Phil Julian & Martins Rokis
7:00 PM19:00

Phil Julian & Martins Rokis


New Work (EMS, 2013) – Premiere!
Phil Julian

– Paus –

Biomimesis V for 17.4 channels
Martin Rokis

In collaboration with EMS


Phil Julian is a UK based experimental sound artist, composer and improviser. Under both the Cheapmachinesalias and his own name, Phil Julian has been venturing across various strains of unorthodox sound since the late 1990’s, with his prolific output on a catalogue of imprints encompassing sonic textures ranging from harsh squalls of noise to compositions structured around hyper-minimalistic timbres and drones.

Studio recordings and live performances within Europe and North America have focused on the use of analogue electronics (particularly unstable and/or chaotic systems – modular analogue synthesizers, feedback, contact microphones, objects and surfaces) and computer based works.

Audio works by Julian have been published on labels including Entr’acte, Banned Production, Tapeworm, Harbinger Sound, Staalplaat (Open Circuit imprint), con-v, Anarchymoon, Second Layer, Beartown Records, Homophoni, Zeromoon as well as numerous compilation appearances. He also runs the Authorised Version label.

Julian has collaborated on remixes, recordings and performances with Maurizio Bianchi, Tomas Korber, Michael Renkel, Ryan Jordan, Jason Kahn, Daniel Jones, Kostis Kilymis, John Macedo, Nihilist Assault Group, The New Blockaders and GX Jupitter-Larsen of The Haters as well as being a member of the improvised drone ensemble Signals with Mark Beazley and Chris Gowers and playing as part of Mark Wastell’s improvising group The Seen.

During 2013 he is a Guest Composer at EMS Elektronmusikstudion in Stockholm.

Martins Rokis is working with sound in different contexts/forms, crossing boundaries between so-called computer music, psychedelic noise and abstract sound art, blending controlled generative strategies with improvisation. He also makes sound installations and works for multichannel systems. He has presented his artistic activities locally and internationally and so far he has published a few limited edition releases.


Biomimesis V for 17.4 channels

Biomimesis are a series of works that can be realized as site specific installations, performances, multi channel compositions or something in-between.
Custom-made software that generates sound structures, which are based on “nature inspired sound design”, models and processes. These sounds evolve in a spontaneous manner, they have not been composed, or follow any strict musical laws. Rather, they simulate a soundscape of some acoustic everyday space – the one on the street, in a forest or elsewhere, where sounds, according to John Cage, “live their lives”.

These “field recordings from nonexistent places” without clear origin or context seem recognizable and familiar, evoking personal associations and cultural projections, yet in the same time alien, otherworldly and unidentifiable, blurring boundaries between what we consider natural and artificial. Listeners can “zoom” in or out on various elements that make the whole soundscape, segregating or integrating them, discovering new details or subtle changes.


Längd: 60 minuter

Biljetter: Ordinarie 120 kr, student 80 kr

Gruppbokningar: kontakta Audiorama för biljettpris

Biljetter köps via vår hemsida, Tickster eller Kulturdirekt. Kulturdirekt har även försäljningsdisk på Kulturhuset. Biljetter kan vid mån om plats köpas kontant i anslutning till föreställning på Audiorama.

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Monica Aasprong: Cirkelpsalm
4:00 PM16:00

Monica Aasprong: Cirkelpsalm

Ljudinstallationen Cirkelpsalm av Monica Aasprong är ett samarbete med Aron Kullander-Östling, och är baserad på de dikter som tillkommit efter en resa till Israel och Palestina under hösten 2012 i samband med kursen Aspectivity på Konsthögskolan. Diktsamlingen kommer att ges ut på det norska förlaget Cappelen Damm under hösten 2013, med titeln Sirkelsalme. Til Betlehem. Til Jerusalem.

Prototypen till boken ställs ut på Galleri Mejan mellan den 23 maj och 2 juni, och är formgiven av Kullander-Östling.

Monica Aasprong (f. 1969) är en norsk författare som är bosatt i Stockholm. Vid sidan av sitt författarskap är hon verksam som översättare av bl a Sara Stridsberg, Rainer Maria Rilke och Thomas Bernhard. Efter romandebuten 1997 med Mellom Alex Gobulev og meg har hon efter 2000 arbetat under titeln Soldatmarkedet, som förutom en diktsamling även inkluderat visuell poesi, utställda objekt och installationer på webben och i gallerier. Hennes senaste bok, Et diktet barn, gavs ut 2010 på Cappelen Damm.

Aron Kullander-Östling (f. 1984) har sedan masterexamen från Konstfack 2011 jobbat som frilansande grafisk formgivare baserad i Stockholm. Praktiken består främst i uppdrag inom kultursektorn samt egeninitierade projekt som innefattar print, text, installation, ljud, curating, med mera.


Al-Manara Square, Ramallah, Palestine. Foto: Jesper Nordahl, 2012.

Al-Manara Square, Ramallah, Palestine.
Foto: Jesper Nordahl, 2012.


23 May-2 June the students from the course Art & Architecture, "Aspectivity – The History of Seeing and Representation", at the Royal Institute of Art will have a public exhibition/performance/seminar presentation at Galleri Mejan next to the entrance of Moderna Museet and in Studio 1 at MDT at Skeppsholmen. There will also be a sound installation at Audiorama next door to MDT and a publication that is available at Galleri Mejan and MDT from 25th of May.

During the same period at Galleri Mejan the students of all three courses at Mejan Arc will present their projects from 2012/2013. Mejan Arc at the Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm is a critical forum for education on an advanced level in architecture, art and urban issues. Mejan Arc offers one-year courses in three disciplines: Resources/ Architecture, Architectural Conservation and Art & Architecture.

Participants**** of Art & Architecture: Anna Lyhagen, Annika Olofsdotter Bergström, Britta Lundin Forestier, Cecilia Järdemar, Jacquelyn Davis, John Håkansson, Klara Källström, Lina Persson, Linda Shamma Östrand, Mandana Moghaddam, Marika Heidebäck, Mirjam Johansson, Monica Aasprong, Philipp Gallon, Sara Gebran, Åsa Andersson Broms, Åsa Hällgren Lif

Responsible for the course is Subst. Senior Lecturer Jesper Nordahl. During 2012 / 2013 Rebecka Thor has been researcher and guest teacher at the course.

Opening hours:
Galleri Mejan: Opening 23 May, 16.00-20.00
The the exhibition is open 23 May-2 June. Opening hours: week-days 12-18 and week-ends 12-17
MDT (Studio 1): Opening 23 May, 18.00-21.00. From 21.00- … Bar.
The the exhibition is open 23 May-26 May.
Opening hours: week-days 12-18 and week-ends 12-17. With evening program - details below.
Audiorama: 24 May 16-19 and 25 May 12-15.

Galleri Mejan is located next to the entrance of Moderna Museet at Skeppsholmen in Stockholm

MDT is located at Slupskjulsvägen 30, Skeppsholmen, Stockholm

Audiorama is located at Slupskjulsvägen 30, Skeppsholmen, Stockholm

The current course "Aspectivity" explores the history of seeing and representation from a variety of angles. We address issues on perception, knowledge, history and truth. Focus has been on the tools we use for finding our way in the world (e.g. the camera and photography), as well as a critical exploration of how theory and practice have effected how we understand those techniques. An overall aim of the course is to produce a discursive space to support critical thinking, discussion and acting. The lectures and text seminars range from the history of astronomy, to forensic aesthetics, to the development of photography and its political significance. Texts on animism, spam, archival practices and the civil contract imbedded in photography is read during the course.

The course also included a study trip to Petra in Jordan and to Jerusalem and the West Bank in Palestine. The trip was made in conjunction with the biennale Qalandiya International, (a collaboration between Riwaq Biennale and the Jerusalem Show in Palestine). There the students also met and had workshops with Riwaq, The International Academy of Art Palestine and Campus in Camps.

Art & Architecture is a one and a half year course at advanced level addressing art, architecture and urban issues, and is directed towards professional artists, architects, curators, writers, and others within the field of culture, media and urban studies. The course consists of lectures, screenings, text seminars and a study trip and works as a critical forum that address issues on the practice and theory of culture production.

Detailed program MDT & Audiorama:

23/5 (Thursday)
18.00 Opening of the exhibition by Jesper Nordahl and Rebecka Thor
19.00 Monica Aasprong, reading: “Cirkelpsalm (Sirkelsalme – till Betlehem/till Jerusalem)”
19.30 Sara Gebran, performance
20.00 Linda Shamma Östrand: “Functional Silence” - Live installation with sound and video based on a meeting she had in Jerusalem 2012. Through the performance she explores issues on personal histories and representation.
21.00 Bar

24/5 (Friday)
12.00-18.00 The exhibition is open
18.00 Release: K&A publication
16.00-19.00 Audiorama: Cirkelpsalm, Sound Installation by Monica Aasprong (Art & Architecture) in collaboration with Aron Kullander-Östling.
19.00 Film Screening: Picasso in Palestine* by Khaled Hourani*** & Rashid Masharawi . Introduction and Q&A with Khaled Hourani in conversation with Maria Lantz. Khaled is an artist, curator, and art critic, and he is currently the Arts Director for the project to establish the International Academy of Art Palestine. Maria is an artist/photographer, president at Konstfack and previously head of the course Art & Architecture. Moderated by Jesper Nordahl and Rebecka Thor. (Khaled Hourani is invited in collaboration with Konstfack)
21.00 Bar

25/5 (Saturday)
12.00-17.00 The exhibition is open
12.00-15.00 Audiorama: Cirkelpsalm, Sound Installation by Monica Aasprong (Art & Architecture) in collaboration with Aron Kullander-Östling.
15.00-17.00 Lecture/screening: Hall of Mirrors by the artist Jonas Dahlberg***.  Bar/cafe will be open.
17.00 Bar continues

26/5 (Sunday)
12.00-17.00 The exhibition is open

Free entry!


*FIlm: Picasso in Palestine. On June 24 2011, a unique exhibition opened at the International Academy of Art Palestine (IAAP) in Ramallah. For the first time in history, an original painting by Pablo Picasso was shown in the West Bank, on the initiative of the artist Khaled Hourani. Buste de Femme (1943) one of the most iconic works from the collection of a contemporary art museum in Eindhoven, traveled across many visible and invisible borders to reach Ramallah. What happens to a painting by Picasso when it crosses cultural and political borders? Does it change its meaning on route? Do certain places have different potential to excite responses to a work of art? These are questions discussed by Khaled Hourani. The filmmaker Rashid Masharawi accompanied the journey of Buste de Femme from Eindhoven to Ramallah which involved two years of planning and negotiation. As a witness and participant, he narrates his view of the journey and the challenges that accompanied the project since its inception.

**Khaled Hourani was born in 1965 in Hebron, Palestine, Khaled Hourani is an active Palestinian artist, curator, and art critic. He attained a BA in History from Hebron University and was awarded the title of Cultural Management Trainer by Al Mawred Culture Resource and the European Cultural Foundation (Egypt). He has participated in numerous residencies and workshops worldwide including Geneva, Braziers, Bristol, and Egypt. He has also had several solo exhibitions locally and internationally and participates frequently in-group exhibitions. Khaled Hourani is one of the overseers and enthusiasts of the project of founding the International Academy of Art Palestine in cooperation with the Oslo National Academy of the Arts.  Khaled Hourani is currently the Arts Director for the project to establish the International Academy of Art Palestine.

***Jonas Dahlberg (b. 1970) lives and works in Stockholm Sweden. He studied architecture at Lunds Technical High School from 1993 to 1995. From 1995 to 2000 he studied art at Malmö Art Academy where he received his M.F.A. in 2000. Since 2000 he has developed a series of videos that primarily consist of slow movements through architectural spaces. The videos are created by building miniaturized architectural sets that are filmed through experimental methods. In addition to video and video installation, his practice includes public art works, sculptures, commissions, book projects and photography. Jonas Dahlber has had several solo exhibitions i Sweden and abroad and participates frequently in group exhibitions.In June 2012, Dahlberg's concept and set design for an opera production of Guiseppe Verdi's Macbeth debuted at the Grand Theatre in Geneva.

**** Participants from Art & Architecture at MDT, Galleri Mejan and Audiorama


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ljudOljud 2013
to Apr 19

ljudOljud 2013

Under två kvällar presenteras sammanlagt nio nyskrivna stycken av Sveriges mest lovande unga ljudskapare från Kungl. Musikhögskolan i Stockholm. Fredagen avslutas dessutom med masterstudenten Mats Erlandsson, som presenterar sin examenskonsert.


Elektroakustisk musik på Audiorama – konsert 1

Torsdag 18 april kl 18.00–20.00 (inkl. paus)

På Audiorama presenteras sammanlagt 9 nyskrivna och fantastiskt spännande stycken under två konserter varav detta är den första. På audiorama kommer du vara omgiven av högtalare från golv till tak. Det kommer både vara närmare och längre bort. ibland på samma gång.

Sveriges mest lovande unga ljudskapare kommer att expandera hela dig under dessa två konserter. Kom och lyssna! Denna konsert torsdag den 18 april kommer musik av Sol Andersson, Katt Hernandez, Jonas Kjellberg och Kajsa Lindgren att spelas.

Sol Andersson
'values are manufactured and truth is temporary and local'

Jonas Kjellberg
Jonas Kjellberg går första året på Masterprogrammet i Elektroakustisk komposition och komponerar allt från generativ ljudkonst och hörspel till electronica och datorspelsmusik. Hans konstnärskap präglas av kontroversiella teman, både politiskt och ideologiskt, men alltid med glimten i ögat. Trots bosatt i Stockholm, ursprungligen från Göteborg med hjärtat ute i skärgården.


Katt Hernandez: Norra Bantorget
"This is part of my masters work, and ongoing lifelong questions and pursuits having to do with cities- how they transform, and what ghosts they leave of community and life in our memories – sharp or dwindling."

Katt moved to Sweden in May 2010 from Boston. There she played regularly in many venues for new and experimental music throughout the East Coast, working extensively with microtonality and extended violin technique, drawing inspiration from other improvisors and many other generes of music. She has worked with a vast and magnificantly variated sea of musicians, dancers, artists and others, and now collaborates regularly with many artists in Stockholm and beyond.


Kajsa Lindgren: Daughters & Sons 
Multichannel piece with strong influences from the political climate and discussions surrounding feminism, premiered at Audiorama during the festival LjudOljud (2013).

Kajsa Lindgren började skriva musik under gymnasiet men mer fokuserat efter studenten. Med hjälp av Andrea Tarrodi sökte hon vidare till Piteå musikhögskolas kompositionslinje med inriktning på västerländsk konstmusik, och studerade där i två år. Startade där uppe en duo vid namn Foil och grundade tillsammans med sex andra musiker det elektroniska kollektivet NELES, och det långa intresset för elektroakustisk musik blev i takt med detta mer seriöst. Började därefter studera elektroakustisk komposition på KMH.


Konsert 2

Fredag 19 april kl 18.00–19.45 (inkl. paus)

Fem verk av Ellen Arkbro, Caterina Barbieri (Lachrymae Odyssey – premiere), David Granström, Hampus Norén och Marcus Pal.


Examenskonsert: Mats Erlandsson

Fredag 19 april kl 20.00–22.00 (inkl. paus)

Elektronisk musik med fokus på långsamma spektrala och harmoniska förlopp, självgenererande strukturer samt hermetiskt tillsluta rum.

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